Sea Mineral Agriculture

The photos are taken using Kirlian photography.  It will be fascinating when we are able to photograph produce fed with sea minerals.  (Very expensive equipment) The aura will be at least double that shown.  Sea mineral food when cooked will exceed raw conventional food. It only takes four weeks for tomatoes (all produce) to show the difference from the minerals.  Any grower anywhere can prove to themselves that this works, very quickly.  If your tomatoes are ‘12’, then so is the rest of your crop.

For the more adventurous, Google:  Radionics machine.  End of argument.


If you agree we should not have water poisoned with fluoride and chlorine, then we all need to use a natural – eco friendly, replenish able – alternative to look after our teeth and gums.  (That’s why fluoride is there right? Or is it there to keep us dumb and docile?)  Please have a read.


Zen Mouth Wash