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In the 1930’s in New York, Dr. Maynard Murray questioned why the fish were so healthy, yet his patients were getting sick.  He studied sea minerals with the technology of the day, ascertained the health benefits, and wrote a comprehensive book explaining how it works.  Needless to say, the book was ‘disappeared’ and Dr. Murray ridiculed and silenced.  As with all truths however, the knowledge, and book, has survived and been passed on over the years.  Now is the time for all of us to produce food that benefits humans, animals and mother earth.  Dr. Murray’s book is available from Acres USA.  Mike Adams from Natural News has described this as the “coming agricultural revolution”

Sea Mineral Agriculture has been well understood by the ‘Powers That Be’ for a long time.  They know why ancient Egypt, home to the ‘specials’, was founded on the river Nile, below the delta, where sea water combines with fresh water, and food was abundant.  This enabled the ‘specials’ to build the extraordinary with a willing workforce.

Attention required please.

Organic farmers know it is the weakest plant that is attacked first by pests.  When you apply sea minerals at the right time, consistently, the plants sugar level goes sky high, and when a pest has a bite, the sugar kills it.  You will keep your entire crop. On the meta-physical level, the plants aura becomes so strong, most pests will not even attempt to have a feed, they know it’s not good for them.  Isn’t nature beautiful!  This obviously makes herbicides and pesticides redundant.  Sorry Monsanto and Co. but the jig is up.  You are not welcome here.

By using sea minerals, and following the instructions below, you will produce food with the vitality never before seen, and will be working with nature (Cosmic Law) assuring the long term stability of earth and our food supply.  Our Bee’s were in heaven, and produced honey to die for.

Our first summer applying the minerals was a game changer.  While we acknowledge that we were not as diligent with applying the minerals as we should have been, the results speak for them selves.  Using a refractometer, we measured a store bought NPK tomato and an organic tomato.  Both had a Brix reading of ‘3’.  On two occasions, two weeks apart, we tested tomatoes fed sea minerals; both times we had a reading of ‘12’.  This summer we are aiming for ‘15-20’.  To put it in perspective, one kg of ‘12’ tomatoes has the same life essence (force – Chi) of four kg of ‘3’ tomatoes.  Therefore, to absorb your daily amount of energy (force – Chi) to get you through the day, you require a quarter of the food intake; therefore, we only need to produce one quarter of the food!  The energy and vitality you will have will please you no end.  Good bye Big Ag.  Quality beats quantity.

Because the eye gazes and catches no glimpse of it, it is called elusive; Because the ear cannot hear it, it’s called rarified; because the hand cannot feel it, it is called infinitesimal; it’s rising brings no heat, it’s sinking no darkness. It is called CHI. –


Tao Te Ching

“Man cannot live on bread alone” is one of our oldest and wisest sayings, it is correct; we need Chi to fuel our bodies.  It is in every breath we take.
Do you live to eat? Or eat to live?  If you are intelligent you will answer the latter.

Becoming correct weight to height is the result from living on this food.

Perfect health is common place.

Passing away from old age will become the norm.

Here are the instructions on how to apply Sea Minerals to crops.

Please print, pass on, tell everyone, and grow!  An enlightened public will demand this food.  It’s only natural.  Peace, and may the force be in you.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates


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