Sea Mineral Agriculture – ‘How to’

  • Collect a bucket of sea water straight from the beach, its free!  Sea water contains 92 minerals and trace elements in the perfect proportions.  Sea minerals increase the density and vitality of crops.
  • If you are not near the ocean, concentrated sea minerals can be purchased from retailers found online around the world, for home gardeners to the commercial.
  • Pure sea water is diluted into a 3% solution – a coffee cup to a watering can.  If you purchase a concentrate, add 1%.
  • The solution is applied to the foliage of plants when they are in pregnancy and production only.
  • The solution is applied as a ‘tonic’ directly to the leaves when it is between 15° and 25° Celsius, and the stomata – the pores – are open. The minerals are absorbed by osmosis.   Plants are fed ‘top down’ not ‘bottom up’.  It is best applied early morning or late evening.  Give them a feed when they are happy and enjoying life!
  • Apply approx 100-200ml of the solution to a square meter every 5 days.  The key is to apply a small amount regularly.  Do Not Over Feed.
  • It takes around four weeks for the minerals to be prevalent in the produce.
  • Spray fruit tree leaves every five days when they begin to flower and until the fruit is picked.
  • If you are growing green manure apply the solution once only to the soil two weeks before planting.
  • Sea minerals are perfect for lawns, weeds cannot live in a high mineralized soil – have a look when you are next at the beach!  If you see rain coming, give your lawns a sprinkle!
  • If you are planting root vegetables, sprinkle early, then now and again when leaves are large.
  • For lettuce, silver beet, kale, apply 2 weeks before planting and leave alone
  • Brasicas, when the plants are big and healthy, looking like a head will form soon, apply a sprinkle every five days.
  • Bio Dynamics – 500 – is excellent to build up micro organisms in your soil which are energized by the sea minerals turning compost into soil.
  • As usual, add manures, composts, worm castings, blood and bone etc.
  • It is recommended you purchase a refractometer from EBay ($40) to measure and compare the Brix level (sugar content) of your fruit.
  • For further reading, Google: ‘Sea mineral agriculture’ and ‘sea mineral farming’, also search for videos on you tube.

Benefits:  You can double your yield; you will produce nutritionally dense food, that is, it contains more life essence, possibly triple that from conventional (NPK – nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) farming.  Compost becomes perfect, diverse, alive soil.  Plants, because of the increased sugar content become pest resistant – pests can’t digest high sugar levels. Your health and vitality will greatly improve. Your body will function as designed.

Ying and Yang, the land and the sea.

Experiment, experience, and grow.

Biological food (bf) – naturally best

Kudos to all who have come before with this remarkable knowledge.

This document is provided as a guide, your input and innovation will always be appreciated.